Dani is Ready to Listen and Lead.

Dani has spent his career empowering communities

He knows that lasting, effective change comes when the people who live the issues are part of creating the solutions. That is why he founded Cohear, a community engagement organization, to elevate the voices of everyday people and improve the decisions being made in our communities. 


Dani got his start as a community organizer for President Obama’s campaign, went on to Yale Law School, and has worked for years to register new voters, protect the right to vote, and elect Democrats all over the country.

Dani started his career helping re-elect President Obama in Cincinnati

Dani is a lifelong Cincinnatian

He is a first-generation American, and a proud graduate of Walnut Hills High School. Dani’s parents pursued the American dream so that he and his siblings could access opportunity and education. From their example, Dani was raised to believe in hard work and service to others.

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